It all started with a hook.

A crochet hook to be exact. When my daughter was a baby I started to crochet and needed storage for my growing collection of crochet hooks. With my handy sewing machine and some fabric I sewed my first needle case. The rest is history. I've been selling on Etsy for over 10 years. Here I am, several thousand needle cases later. More than 100 fabric choices are available in my shop in both large and short styles for any size collection of knitting needles.

My daily routine is simple. Cut, iron, trim, sew, iron, sew, finish, pack, ship. In between I ship items in stock as orders come in, drink a few cups of coffee, sometimes lunch and there's always a crisis of some sort. Then start all over the next day.

I'm an equipment and craft supplies junkie. Gotta have it all. Every color, every option. You never know when you might need a particular color thread or fabric. I go all-out on supplies and equipment. Wouldn't want to be without and make a special trip to the ahem "Fabric Store". My studio is my 'Fabric Store" or so I've heard.